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MAGNOLIA BLENDS, LLC is a hair care line made with the perfect blend of natural organic butters, pure oils, and natural Ayurvedic herbs that are rich in vitamins A, K, C, omega fatty acids, essential oils, and organic fruit extracts which provide conditioning, detangling, hydrating, moisturizing, nourishing, repairs & strengthening, styling and most importantly, Promotes Healthy Hair Growth! 

The inspiration surrounding Magnolia Blends, LLC comes from our founder's memory of growing up in Louisiana and visiting her great-grandparents home. The fenced-in small wood-framed house had a tall tree with large white magnolias that bore an aromatic smell and a plethora of different fruit trees surrounding the home.


Louisiana native, Sharon Nicole, founder of MAGNOLIA BLENDS LLC, decided to transition her hair back to its natural state after years of using chemical relaxers. During this journey, she began using different products, researching and better understanding what natural ingredients work best to stimulate and support healthy thriving hair. She sought to create a new brand that echoes with women who, like her; have to manage different hair types and textures.

Her aspiration was to develop a quality product. Her dedication remains to thoroughly uphold the principles of quality and integrity that characterize all products of MAGNOLIA BLENDS, LLC. Sharon Nicole's passion for excellence has driven her from the beginning, and will continue to lead MAGNOLIA BLENDS, LLC into the future!




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